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Is your baby a bundle of joy? Or are they crying a lot, wriggling with discomfort, fussy to feed? sleepingbaby

An unhappy Baby Kate was 9 weeks old when her parents brought her to my clinic. They were concerned about her agitation when feeding, disrupted sleep and long bouts of crying. All seemed worse after her recent vaccinations. Mum was worried that there was something wrong with Baby Kate.

Dad had heard from colleagues at work that the light touch of Craniosacral Therapy (CST) had helped their distressed babies in similar situations.Our session began with the parents relating Kate’s birth history, the last stage of labour was fast, just 45mins. Usually there are pauses as the baby passes through the birth canal allowing the baby to adjust to the experience. If delivery is fast, Baby may be left feeling uncomfortable and out of sorts.

While assessing Baby Kate I reassured her parents that babies often experience some temporary discomfort after vaccinations. Babies are learning to self-regulate or manage their state of alertness, and by giving calming cues to Baby Kate they could help her relax. Talking or singing with a soothing, gentle voice, breathing slowly, rocking, dropping their shoulders are all cues of safety and relaxation. At times, these cues can be overridden by Baby’s internal cues of pain or discomfort. So, with the gentle touch of CST, I helped Baby Kate release the tension in her body and relax.

After 2 sessions she was calmer and feeding well.

Her parents tried a treatment too. Easing the tension in their bodies enabled them to better enjoy their wonderful bundle of joy.Some physio suggestions on positions for feeding, lifting and general care for Mum and exercises for both parents to maintain their wellbeing finished off our sessions. 

Fiona McDevitt is a Chartered Physiotherapist, Craniosacral Therapist and Manual Lymph Drainage Therapist. 

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