Mixed Ability Rugby

Mixed Ability Rugby

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Mixed Ability Rugby offers a unique sporting opportunity for people of all abilities, celebrating the diversity and positive aspects of the interesting variety of characters in our community. Players with, and without physical and learning difficulties, play on the same team alongside each other. It allows for social engagement and the enhanced physical well-being of belonging and participating in a team, to the benefit of all involved. Mixed Ability Rugby leads the way for all of us in demonstrating what real community is about.

In 2017 I joined Sunday’s Well Rebels Team as a volunteer physio as they were building up to the second ever World Cup in Spain. We got as far as the final and left the cup behind due to being 3 points down at the last whistle blew. For all my volunteering over the years I find being involved with the Rebels team gives the most back, I always leave in better form than when I arrived.

Check out the team itself - Sunday’s Well Rebels (sundayswellrfc.com) FB page (Facebook/sundayswellrebels/) and Cork hosting World Cup for Mixed Ability Rugby next June 2020 www.imartworldcup.org . Interested in Volunteering?

Click on the website Volunteer section, great fun guaranteed, you won’t be disappointed. Click here to go directly..

Mixed Ability Sports Magazine: http://www.mixedabilitysports.org/wp-content/uploads/MIXAR_Magazine-03_17-07-19-edited.pdf

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