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A Guide to Working Well and Safely in your Home Office Space

The Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists (ISCP) is the sole professional organisation representing chartered physiotherapists in Ireland. The ISCP Clinical Interest Group in Occupational Health and Ergonomics (CPOHE) has prepared this guidance to assist you with working well and safely at home, and setting up your home office space.

Moving regularly and continuing to be physically active is key to working well at home.

The benefits of regular physical activity and movement are numerous and include: Working Safely from Home 1
− good overall health
− promotion of circulation
− improved memory and concentration
− elevated mood and reduced stress
− healthier joints and muscles

Tips to Move Regularly to Work Well from Home

• Stand up and move around at regular intervals (minimum once an hour and more often if possible)
• If possible, take a walk at lunchtime (in line with Government recommendations)
• During virtual meetings, you may wish to turn off the video and standup and move around
• If possible, stand up and move around when you are on calls
• Climb the stairs often if you have one
• Continue to engage in regular physical activity

To read more tips view the ISCP Leaflet by clicking here

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